Advice Columns For The AI Era

At Emerging Etiquette, near future realities are treated as present day dilemmas. We’re exploring what will become polite behavior in a society that is enmeshed with AI. 

Want to offer advice on situations no one has ever experienced before?

Good, we need you. Each issue is authored by first-time advice columnists.

Been in an awkward social situation? Curious about AI? You’re hired.

Accept a position and you’ll be collaborating with 16 new hires and AI co-workers.

We’ll provide the unusual advice requests. You’ll provide your slowly simmered takes on the future. Together, we’ll put out an issue.

We’re known for our fun working environment. There’s no need to be anything other than yourself as you explore this new workplace scenario.

Your employment ends after a quick 90 minute stint.

Issue 0

ISSUE 0 is designed to bring you into the skunkworks of Emerging Etiquette.

Come get a behind-the-scenes tour, a chance to experience our office dynamics and shape our future advice practices.

We’re wrapping up our A* series funding and doing our due diligence.
We’ll give you a high five for saying things like:
  • “I might pivot this part of the advice protocol.”
  • “Spitballing here, but can we just edit what our AI co-worker wrote?”
  • “I have an idea for how to reduce the readership churn rate!”

Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor!

*A is for art! This project is funded in part by a RACC grant.

Join Our Team


ISSUE 0: Advice Columnist (temporary hire)


We’re entering a new era of AI. You can play a huge part in helping our readers feel less wobbly in navigating their future interactions with other humans and AI.

Everyone from disillusioned married couples, to stumped CEOs, to overwhelmed UN Delegates rely on us for advice.
We have a feeling you’re going to nail it during your resume-building stint at Emerging Etiquette.


Our unusual onboarding process gets you badged, trained up, and assigned to a column.

Puzzling through advice requests with your human and AI co-workers is how you’ll get ahead.

The night shift is always buzzing as we approach our looming print deadline. Our step-by-step protocol makes it fun to complete your column.


Responsibilities Include
  • Writing 1 advice column on a deadline
  • Collaborating with human and AI co-workers
  • Following EEEP! (Edgy Emerging Ethics Protocol!) to field advice requests confidently


Your Prior Experience
  • 0 hours of experience writing advice columns
  • Limited knowledge of AI, but a curiosity about how it will shape our lives in the future
  • 18+ years of interacting with others (this workplace isn’t for all ages, 18+ applications only)

Necessary Knowledge + Skills
  • Been in an awkward social situation
  • Have given or taken advice once


The Perks
  • All you can drink decaf coffee, herbal tea, and water
  • Your team’s printed issue of Emerging Etiquette

APPLY NOW!* $20 $10 (Special Issue 0 rate!)

* All applications and fees approved immediately!

Apply here!

Report to the Portland, Oregon Office

ISSUE 0: Saturday, Feb 18th (7-8:30pm)

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Our Mission + Vision

AI is on the verge of radically reshaping life as we know it.

We could take a reactionary stance allowing AI to continue developing without public input. Or, we could try to speed up the sluggish cultural feedback loop that lags behind innovations in AI. 

That’s what we’ve decided to put our minds to at Emerging Etiquette. What if we preemptively imagined social rules based on our values—could we shape AI applications for the future we desire? The future could be wacky and wonderful.

Emerging Etiquette makes it possible for us to write the terms of service we want for the future.

Rest assured, our guide handles just about every AI-activated situation you’ve never stayed up late at night worrying about.

Advice requests are screened by our oversight committee of AI researchers and philosophers.

They waver somewhere between sticky and tricky; between unfathomable and on the verge of reality; and between downright absurd and positively hopeful.

Expansive in its scope, Emerging Etiquette covers everything from awkwardness in romantic relationships to convoluted global policies.

Our Columns






Testimonials For Emerging Etiquette

“Emerging Etiquette saved my marriage and my job.” - Reader

“Reading Emerging Etiquette can at once restore or gut your faith in the future of humanity, but one thing is certain, it always reminds you of what it means to be human.” - Reader

“It’s essential reading for anyone who hasn’t yet had to navigate the strangeness of living with AI as a lover, co-worker, CEO, or public servant”. - Reader
“Emerging Etiquette’s mind-expanding columns often leave me with a surprisingly settling feeling of preparedness.” - Reader

“My AI research team isn’t myopic. We consider the ethics of our discoveries, but we do have blindspots. Emerging Etiquette finds those gaps, shifts our perspectives, and makes our research stronger.” - AI Researcher
“My innovation team brings all of our company’s AI dilemmas to Emerging Etiquette because we can get too focused on the…let’s call them math problems and completely overlook the human aspect.” - CEO

“No one comes to town halls anymore so I rely on Emerging Etiquette to advise on the AI-driven public programs I’m looking to roll out for my constituents.” -Public Servant

Our Team

Chief Experience Officer + Founding Editor: Laura Allcorn

Chief Automation Officer, AI Division: Arnie

Editorial Collage Design Director, Human Division: Nikole Gramm
Onboarding Poster Design Director, AI Division: Jeff Turkelson

Office Sound Design: Kevin Fink

Our AI Advice Request Oversight Committee

Christof Teuscher, Portland State University

Avram Hiller, Portland State University

Alex Sager, Portland State University
Adam K. Pham, CalTech

Josh Fost, Minerva University

Jennifer Edmond, Trinity College Dublin

Our Supporters

Emerging Etiquette is a subsidiary of The Institute For Comedic Inquiry.

This project is funded in part by a Regional Art & Culture Council grant.